Internet Scammers Reports is exactly what it sounds like.  A place to report and help prevent people being scammed on the internet.  

My name is Tom Thayer and I have been working in the Internet sector for many years now.  Pretty much since it’s main stream inception.  Yes, I am that old.  lol

One of the things that have changed drastically over the years is that the internet is now being used for all kinds scams and the scammers are getting away with a lot criminal activity that it is hard for the authorities to prosecute on.  

This site has been setup to report, validate, and display proven scammers information in a hope that we can prevent someone from making a mistake like many of us have.  The key to preventing yourself being scammed is knowledge.  Please feel free to report any scams to us and if we believe the materials you provide are indeed valid scam activity, we will be more than happy to publish them on our site.  

Let’s work together to stop these people!