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Latest Reported Scams

IPTV Reseller

Possible Resolution Underway

Was contacted by someone stating they represent the company and they will be refunding the money in 7 days.  Here is the email contents:

Sorry it has come to my attention that you paid for an iptv service from our end and the reseller did not get back to you.
I’m writing this to offer you a full refund via BTC or ETransfer. Please reply with the full info on refund either bitcoin address or etransfer email.
The person you were dealing with before is no longer in our organization as a reseller and we have taken over all operations.
All refunds are processed with 7 business working days.

Cloudtech9 solutions

Scam Description

This person is advertising IP TV Services and when you pay them, they block your number, stop responding to emails, and disappear.

Amount: 500 CDN
Email Addresses: [email protected]
Phone Numbers: 14387926586, 14387920222
Applications: WhatsApp, WhatsApp
Handles: +14387926586, +14387920222
URLs Advertising Scam: